Katharina Wiedlack/Катарина Видлак


Dr.in Katharina Wiedlack is currently Hertha Firnberg post-doc Research Fellow at the Department for English and American Studies, University of Vienna. She has a diploma in German Literature and Gender Studies and a doctoral degree in English and American Studies from the University of Vienna. She was visiting researcher at UC Berkeley (2011/2012) and writer in residence at the Jordan Center for the advanced study of Russia at NYU starting (2015/2016). She has taught Gender, German and Disability Studies at Lomonossow University Moscow, State University St. Petersburg, State Technical University Novosibirsk, Charles University Prague and the University of Vienna. She was project coordinator at the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna from April 2008 to September 2015.
Her research fields are queer and feminist theory, popular culture, post-socialist, decolonial and disability studies to name but a few. Currently, she works on a research project on the construction of Russia’s most vulnerable citizens within Western media.

Her most recent research project is “Looking Eastward: US-Identity, Western Values, and Russian Vulnerable Bodies.”

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