Creoleak Centr/Креольский Центр

Maria Vilkovisky and Ruth Jenrbekova are artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan. They often perform on behalf of fake cultural institution called Creoleak Centr.

Creoleak Centr is two things:

1. Imaginary art-institution based on a provisional theoretical platform that is designed for contemporary cultural producers with multiple/volatile identities and weak sense of belonging (translocal, uprooted, diasporic, queer, neither fish nor flesh, etc.).

In opposition to local Central Asian cultural infrastructure grounded in official mythology of “national identity” Creoleak Centr is an attempt to give voice to the mixed uncategorized post-national “global race”, for which we use a metaphor of “creole diaspora”. It doesn’t refer to real Creole people from the New World, but to the notion of cultural creolization as it was used by Edouard Glissant, Stuart Hall and other theorists. We believe that transferring this notion from Caribbean to Central Asia might be relevant due to certain similarities in the colonial history of these two regions. This perspective gives us a possibility to reconsider traditional division between colonizers and colonized and to reconstruct local version of Modernity, for which we tend to use the term Transmodernity.

2. Artistic collective consisting of Maria Vilkovisky and Ruth Jenrbekova

Maria Vilkovisky and Ruth Jenrbekova are (self) curating artists from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Their artistic credo is tied to blurring and questioning conventional genres.
Creoleak Centr’s public performances are often based on mixing various formats: sketches, poetry readings, songs, physical theater, puppets and live music as well as fragments of lectures, presentations, screenings and discussions. The absence of institutional support provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate certain permeability of borders between professional and amateur, success and failure, fake and real, arts and life.