24th- 26th of June 2015, Novosibirsk State TechnicalUniversity. Gender Studies and Gender Education in Russia and “East” and “West”: An International Research-to-Practice Conference of Young Scientists

«ГЕНДЕРНЫЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ И ГЕНДЕРНОЕ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ В РОССИИ,В СТРАНАХ ВОСТОКА И ЗАПАДА» Научно-практическая конференция молодых ученых с международным участием.

The conference was organized by the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies of the Novosibirsk State Technical University and the Department of Philosophy of the Novosibirsk State University in cooperation with the independent research, art and education project

Конференция состоялась 24-26 июня 2015 года на базе Новосибирского государственного технического университета. Научно-практическая конференция была посвящена обсуждению актуальных вопросов гендерных исследований и гендерного образования в России, в странах Западной Европы и в странах Восточной Азии.

Целями конференции являлось : активизация научных исследований, проводимых молодыми учеными, внедрение результатов исследований в учебные курсы по гендерной проблематике, создание единого информационного и научного пространства по гендерным исследованиям молодых ученых и гендерному образованию в высшей школе.

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Keynote Dr. Katharina Wiedlack/ Экспертное вытупление Катарины Видлак


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Art-Workshop with Natalia Vasyutina/Мастеркласс Натальи Васютиной


Organizers and international guests/Организатор_ки и международные гости


 5-7 February 2015, University of Vienna.  Body Discourses / Body Politics and Agency. Interntional Symposium

Symposium Bild_HomepageStream Biopolitical Regulation of Bodies/Corporealities in “Eastern” and “Western” Discourses

Our stream presented and intensified the exchange and networking between the international independent research and education project Политики Телесности and experts from related fields in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhtan and Ukraine . Focusing on different mechanisms of regulating (non-normative) bodies, our guest speakers analyzed the processes of gendering, racialization, fragmentation and optimization in different counties and conexts from a biopolitical perspective. Asking for the relationship between “Western” European practices of governing bodies and “Eastern” discourses, we discussed in what ways hegemonic “Western” discourses on sexuality take shape within (dominant and marginal) discourses and forms of governmentality in counries like Russia and Belarus, and how such discourses are represented on a global level.


Panel on Piopolitics, Body Normalization & Reproducion (Masha Neufed, Sasha Skorykh, Tatsiana Shchurko, Veronika Siegl)

11026806_1036616379693459_4845606216596072348_nAlexandrina Vanke’s wonderful report on the syposium (in Russian)










Performance by Maria Vilkovisky and Ruth Jenderbekova “Anthropometric Data Easily Obtained”



Here is a further overview of the recent activities of or the activities of our team members! Don’t hesitate do contact us, if you want to have more information on any of the scheduled events or if you have any further questions!

15th May 2015: Round Table “Eurovision Song Contest: Kulturkampf zwischen Ost und West“, Graz University

ESC Plakat Graz REEES.indd

29-30th November 2014: Lecture/Workshop “Queer Corporealities and the Representations of Violence” at the Feminist (art) Critique” Project in Minsk, Belarus. Hosted by Gender Route and the Network To Be Queer,  Belarus.



8th December 2014:  Full day lecture. Applicability of Interestional Concepts in post-socialist/post-soviet Spaces. Munich, Germany. Together with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


4th December: 2014: Presentations at the „2. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung in Graz, Austria. Session “Ost/West: Perspektiven auf Transformationen.” 

With: Katharina Wiedlack: Zu der Produktion verletzlicher Körper. Der Westliche Blicke auf russländischen queeren und feministischen Widerstand.

Masha Neufeld & Xüsha Urmenic: „Queere“ Narrative und biopolitische Maßnahmen. Zum aktivistischen und akademischen Diskurs in Russland.


13/14th February 2015: Discussion Panel Russland und der “westliche” Blick: queer/feministische Bewegungen – Nationen – transnationale Solidaritäten at the Jahrestagung der Gender e.V. Fachgesellschaft Geschlechterstudien.

With:Masha Neufeld: Staatliche Reaktionen auf russländische Bewegungen. Nationalpolitische Agenden, biopolitische Maßnahmen und neue(?) Körperregime.