Academic Presentations:

Invited Lectures:

Brockport, (USA): March 20, 2017 Guest lecture “Screaming Queens, ‘Fagetarians’, Dykes and a lot of loud music,” at the Department for Gender Studies, SUNY Brockport, NY, USA.
Warsaw, (PL): January 9, 2017 Presentation “QUEER AND FEMINIST BODIES VS. RUSSIA: media representations, liberal values and the construction of a (post)modern west” at the Polish Academy of Sciences, as part of the Pattern Lectures sponsored by ERSTE Foundation.
Warsaw, (PL): January 9, 2017 Guest lecture “punk as f*: queer-feminist politics and a lot of great music” at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw.
Washington, D.C. (USA): November 20, 2016 Round table participation “Feminizm: The Aesthetic and Socio-Cultural Drives of Contemporary Russian Feminism,” together with Helen R. Stuhr-Roomereim, Thomas Roberts, Manon van de Water, and Susanna Weygandt at the annual conference of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasien Studies.
University of Toronto (CA): September 22, 2016 Global Disability Studies? Emerging Approaches to the Transnational in Disability Studies” together with Aliya Esmail, Sona Kazemi, Evelyn Kissi, Chisomo Msosa, and Masha Neufeld, as part of the “Transnational Narratives of Disability Speaker Series” organized by Rachel Goreman (York University), at the Centre for Women and Trans People, University of Toronto.
SUNY Potsdam (USA): September 20, 2016 “Imagining a Russian Mind: Marvel’s Black Widow, US Nationalism, and some weird Ideas about Soviet History and its Consequences” Presentation at the Center for Diversity, co-sponsored by the Department for English Literature and Communication at State University of New York, at Potsdam.
SUNY Potsdam (USA): September 19, 2016 “punk as f*: queer-feminist politics and a lot of great music” Presentation sponsored by the SUNY Potsdam Radio, the Department for English and Communication, and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, State University of New York, at Potsdam.
SUNY Potsdam (USA): September 19, 2016 “Dangerous and Moving? the Russian Pop Band t.A.T.u. and the Topic of Disability” Presentation at the Program for Women’s and Gender Studies, State University of New York, at Potsdam, together with Masha Neufeld.
St. Petersburg (RU): July 22, 2016 “Home Is Where It Hurts”: Marvel’s The Black Widow, Soviet Heritage, and Mental Health.” Presentation within the NYI Lectures Series at St. Petersburg State University.
New Haven (USA): April 20, 2016 Presentation “THE QUEER BODY VS. RUSSIA: media representations, liberal values and the construction of a (post)modern west.” Yale University, Research Group for Gender and Avant-garde Art
Stony Brook, New York (USA): February 25, 2016 Presentation “Queer Feminist Culture in Russia and the Western Gaze: Hidden Histories, Contemporary Struggles, Cultural Misinterpretations” at the Post-Socialist Research Institute, Stony Brook University.
Washington, D.C. (USA): December 11, 2015 Presentation “Loud, Rude, and With an Attitude: Queer-Feminist Punk Forms, Meanings and Affects” at the Department of English, George Washington University.
New York (USA): November 19, 2015 Presentation “The Formation of US Identity, Western Values & the Role of LGBTs in Russia” Hosted by NYU Office of Global Services.
Graz (AT): May 15, 2015 Presentation and Participation in the Round Table Discussion “Eurovision Song Contest: Culture War between East and West” at the Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, University of Graz.
Vienna (AT): January 20, 2015 Verletzliche Körper im Neuen Kalten Krieg: Repräsentationen Russlands und der Westliche Blick.“ 15. Ringvorlesung Gender Studies: Bildpolitiken – Repräsentation ist niemals unschuldig!, University of Vienna.
Graz (AT): November 12, 2014 Presentation “Von Conchita Wurst bis Pussy Riot: Feminismus, LGBT Aktivismus, Transgressive Geschlechtlichkeiten und die Schlacht um Werte zwischen West Europa und Russland,” at the Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies, University of Graz.
Saint Petersburg (RU): September 22, 2014 Queer Bodies and the Construction of the ‘Western’ Nation.” Center for Youth Culture, Higher School of Economics.
UC Berkeley (USA): October 3, 2011 Presentation: “Traveling Theory: Queer Theory, Queer Activism and Critique, in Austria, Central- and Eastern Europe.” Research Presentation in collaboration with the art, video and photography exhibition “In Mind and Memory” at Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley. Event hosted by the Townsend Working Group Socialisms and Sexuality.
Saarbrücken (DE): February 11, 2013


Guest lecture at the Department for North American Literary and Cultural Studies at Saarland University, Saarbrücken (DE) titled “The Anti-social Turn: From Queer Theory to Punk Activism and Back Again.”

Conference Participations:

New York (USA): April 1, 2017 Presentation “Russia in the News: contemporary US-media, US-American value negotiations and Russian LGBTs.” as part of the roundtable “LGBT Pasts and Presents between Russia and the USA: A Transhistorical Comparative Perspective,” together with Masha Neufeld, Aleksandra Novitskaya, Darya Serykh, Janet Johnson at the North East Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Conference, at the Jordan Center, NYU.
Linz (AT): December 2, 2016 “Shameless US: Klasse, Weißsein, Rassialisierung, Sexualität und Gender im zeitgenössischen US-Amerikanischen Fernsehen.” Jahrestagung der Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung.
Washington, D.C. (USA): November 18, 2016 Russian Bodies—Western Values: US-media representations and the construction of a (post)modern West” at the annual conference of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasien Studies.
Innsbruck (AT): November 13, 2016 The Americans: Cold War nostalgia and the New Cold War” at the annual conference of the Austrian Association of American Studies at the University of Innsbruck.
Tallinn (EST): October 2, 2016 “The Queer Body vs. Russia: media representations, liberal values and the construction of a (post)modern west and a backward east”, at theResearching, reworking and representing Soviet and Socialist LGBT histories” Seminar, Sept 29–Oct 2, 2016, Tallinn University, Estonia.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: June 12, 2016 “Points of Discussion: contemporary US-American queer-feminist discourses, and the Right Wing gone International” at Queering Paradigms VII organized by Leonardo Raznovich and Bee Scherer (Canterbury Christ Church University), June 11-12.
Pittsburgh (USA): April 2, 2016 “Raped, impregnated, drugged, and tattooed—the Russian bodies in Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises” at “Doing the Body in the 21st Century International Conference” at the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh.
Chicago (USA): March 12, 2016 “Gay Rights In Eastern Europe: A New Battleground For Russia And The West” at the 2016 Annual SOYUZ Symposium “Politics of Difference: Migration, Nation, Postsocialist Left and Right,” University of Chicago.
Kiev/Saarbrücken/New York: January 15–17, 2016 Presentation: “Gendered National Imaginations between Russia and the United States of America” at the “Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies: Sites and Insights” international virtual conference organized by the Foreign Languages and Literature, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University, and Department for English and American Studies, Saarland University.
Canterbury (UK): July 24, 2015 Presentation “Lynchpin for Value Negotiation: lesbians, gays and transgender between Russia and ‘the West,’” at Queering Paradigms VI (July 23-24), Christ Church University, together with Masha Neufeld.
Novosibirsk (RU): June 24, 2015 Keynote “Gender and Disabilitiy In Between Continents: The Mobility of Knowledge and Theory.” At the Conference “Gender Studies and Gender Education in Russia and ‘East’ and ‘West’” organized by the Center for Regional Studies at the State Technical University Novosibirsk, June 24 to 26.
Zalesie, Masuria (PL): June 9, 2015 “‘Children 404-We Exist!’: Russia’s New Queer (Activist) Communities, Belonging and Kinship,” together with Masha Neufeld. At the “Queer Kinship & Relationship Conference,” 8-11 June 2015.
Vienna (AT): March 28, 2015  “Lost in Translation: Russia’s “queers” and the North/Western Gaze.” (together with Maria Neufeld) Conference: Queer Translation, University of Vienna.
Perm (RU): February 28, 2015 “From the Invention of the Homosexual to Homonationalism: The Regulation of Sexuality and Western State Politics.” Conference Сексуальность и государство: мобилизационные стратегии на советском и постсоветском пространстве / Sexuality and the State: Strategies of Mobilizing within the Sovjet and Post-Sovjet Space (February 27-28 2015), Perm State University.
Vienna (AT): February 5, 2015 Presentation “Biopolitical Regulation of Bodies/Corporealities in “Eastern” and “Western” Discourses.” Conference Body Discourses / Body Politics and Agency (February 5-7, 2015 University of Vienna).
Oldenburg (DE): January 31, 2015  “Loud, rude, and with an attitude. Queer-feministischer Punk in/als Form, Bedeutung und Affekt.” Conference Perverse Gefüge: Heteronormative Ordnungen inter/medial Queeren. Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, (January 29-31 2015).
Munich (DE): December 8, 2014  „Russland im Fokus westlicher Medien: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer hegemoniekritischen Analyse.“ Congress “Applicability of Intersectional Concepts in post-socialist/post-soviet Spaces” in Munich, Germany. Together with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.
 Graz (AT): December 4, 2014 “Zu der Produktion verletzlicher Körper. Der Westliche Blicke auf russländischen queeren und feministischen Widerstand.” 2nd annual meeting of the Austrian Society for Gender Studies (ÖGGF), Karl Franzens University, Graz.
 Kosice (SK): September 2 ,2014 The makings of the female ‘Eastern’ body and identity in popular culture.” Presentation at the bi-annual conference of the European Society for the Study of English August 29 – September 2, 2014.
 Munich (DE): May 31, 2014 Invitation to present at the conference “America and the Musical Unconscious,” May 30-31, 2014, LMU Munich on “Punk Noise, Social Criticism, and Queer-feminist Decolonial Politics.”
 Quito (ECU): February 21, 2014  Presentation at “Queering Paradigms IV”: „Queering Narratives of Modernity“ at FLACSO Quito, Ecuador on “To Russia with Love!?“ The (Im)Possibilities of Queer-Feminist Global Solidary Actions.
Lisbon (PT): September 5, 2013  Presentation at the II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, September 5-7, 2013, FCSH, UNL, Lisbon on “Riot Grrrlsm as international solidarity movement, another form of ‘artistic imperialism,’ or incorporation of ‘Eastern Other’ for (local) activism?”