awarded with AGPRO Research Prize!

Bodypolitix are happy to announce, that Masha Neufeld and Katharina Wiedlack from our research team will be awarded with the “Austrian Gay Professionals Research Prize” this November!

Masha’s research project “Queer Bodies in East/West Interplays: Biopolitical Readings of Non-Normative Bodies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus” is focusing on the broader (bio-)political setting of phenomenons like “Propaganda of Homosexuality” or “Russian Ban on American Adoptions” and the ways, how “Eastern” non-normative bodies are constructed, framed and represented within the global discourse.

Kathi’s ongoing project “Queerness in/and the East: Homosexuality and Trans-Identity and the Battle for Values in the New Europe” is investigating into the ways, how values are negotiated through sexual preferences on the East/West divide. Kathi explores how the invocation and construction of values like “tolerance” toward homosexuals and trans* people in Western Europe has become tightly interconnected with  the construction of a “New Europe“ in opposition to the “intolerant East”.

A very warm thank you to and all those, who support the project! We are very grateful and happy, that we can continue our work!

Your Team!