Bodypolitix in Piter!

This September our proejct team (or at least some people from the team) has visited  Saint Petersburg to organize a workshop at the International Festival of Queer Culture and conduct a lecture at the Centre for Youth Studies at the Higher School of Economics.

In the Workshop “Globalizing Queer: Queer Theory and Activism in Motion” Dr. Katharina Wiedlack and Masha Neufeld, supported by Vera Akulova and her brilliant interpreting skills, talked about  globalization of the term and concept queer and the gains and losses of the transfer into different contexts and languages. A focal point in the following discussion concerned the import of queer into Russian contexts, its injected meanings and politics and the strategic usage of this term by different Russian activists.

The lecture “Queer Bodies and the Construction of the ‘Western’ Nation” took place in the context of the forth methodological Seminar “СоцUP” of the Centre for Youth Studies. Dr. Katharina Wiedlack and Masha Neufeld have presented some of their discourses analysis results and further research questions and ideas on recent homonationationalistic rhetorics of Western nations and their representing of Russian anti-gay violence. The lecture was followed by Vera Akulova’s presentation of her joint project with Xüsha Urmenic on language aspects of queer corporealities in Russia.

We would like to heartily thank our friends and colleagues from Saint Petersburg for inviting us as well as for the interesting and inspiring discussions we had!